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Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas is a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community composed of both permanent family members and seasonal members.

Our Synagogue is the oldest in continuous use under the American flag and the second-oldest in the Western Hemisphere. We are located at the top of Synagogue Hill, in the heart of downtown Charlotte Amalie.

Upcoming Events

Dearest friends,

I am so excited to bring you greetings and welcome on behalf of everyone at the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas.

As a Synagogue located in a tropical destination, we embrace an eclectic combination of permanent members, off-island members, and visitors, all of whom add to the culture of our historic synagogue and congregation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hebrew Congregation, where you can add a new voice and another source of energy to our warm and open-minded Jewish environment.

Rabbi Michael E. Harvey

Shabbat This Month

1st Shabbat of Every Month
Services at 6:15pm in Sanctuary - Dinner at Lilienfeld House afterwards

2nd Shabbat of Every Month
Tot Shabbat at Lilienfeld House (6:05pm-6:25pm), Services at 6:30pm in Sanctuary

3rd Shabbat of Every Month
Learner's Minyan in Sanctuary (6:05pm-6:25pm), Services at 6:30pm in Sanctuary

4th Shabbat of Every Month
Services at 6:30pm in Sanctuary