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Life-Cycle Events

Our Rabbi is available to officiate at weddings, baby-naming ceremonies, vow renewals and, of course, at B’nai Mitzvah. Contact the office to check on availability. Our beautiful Lilienfeld House can be rented for celebrations after your joyous occasion in our Synagogue.


  • We are very happy that we chose for our son to become a bar mitzvah at The Synagogue in St. Thomas! Your beautiful historic sanctuary has such a warm and spiritual feel. Rabbi Harvey let us choose the tunes used in the service which made the service even more meaningful for my family. We also loved that the Rabbi could play guitar during the service.

    -Michael Diament and Jenine Tankoos
  • We had previously bnai mitzvahed our two oldest children in 2006. We returned to the synagogue on St. Thomas this year for our youngest daughter and found the experience to be as warm and spiritual. Rabbi Mike led Alison in a beautiful service that included all our friends and family.

    -Jonathan and Nina Kaplan
  • We had previously bnai mitzvahed our two oldest children in 2006. We returned to the synagogue on St. Thomas this year for our youngest daughter and found the experience to be as warm and spiritual. Rabbi Mike led Alison in a beautiful service that included all our friends and family.

    -Jonathan and Nina Kaplan
  • Although we are active members at a Conservative synagogue in our hometown; our son did not want to have a typical bar mitzvah at our synagogue like his older sister and friends. He wanted a unique simcha. St. Thomas provided us with that one of a kind experience that he was looking for. The entire process was easy and extremely organized. The correspondence was accurate and detailed and answered questions that we didn’t even know that we had. The office staff and Rabbi Mike were prompt in answering any additional questions or concerns. We were able to arrange everything by phone or email. Rabbi Mike met with us a couple days before and made us feel completely comfortable. On the morning of our son’s bar mitzvah Rabbi Mike led a moving and beautiful service that was tailored to our son’s abilities. It was a perfect day.

    -Craig and Brandie Osman
  • We got married in this historic synagogue on May 17th, 2016 and it was a day that we will remember forever. The synagogue is absolutely beautiful and we have Rabbi Mike and Stella to thank for making our ceremony so personal and perfect. Rabbi Mike really is exceptional as we got to know him over months prior to our wedding. From him playing the guitar and singing while the bride walked down the aisle to his personal speech to us, he added so much meaning to the day. We couldn't be happier choosing The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas as our wedding destination. We look forward to visit the island of St. Thomas and the synagogue in the near future and reconnecting with Rabbi Mike and Stella!

    -Richard and Jill Sendel
  • I don’t believe I truly felt the sentiment of L’dor Vador until the day my son Sam became a bar mitzvah at the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas. I felt the presence of my Grandfather, Rabbi Moses DeCastro Sasso, and my Great-Great Grandfather Rabbi David Cardoze as Sam opened the same ark, walked the same floor, and recited the blessings from the same Torah as his forefathers before him.

    These two rabbis were committed to “keeping the doors of the congregation open” even in the leanest of years. If not for their dedication and the amazing St. Thomas Jewish Community, this day would never have been a reality. I only wish they could have been there to see their Great (and Great-Great-Great) Grandson Samuel “Moses” help carry on their tradition, although I have no doubt that they were there in spirit.

    I can’t thank the staff, and Rabbi Mike enough for helping to bring alive our family and the congregation’s history.

    - Dara and Bob Brenner
  • The Bar Mitzvah of our son at The Hebrew Congregation was truly a memorable day we will not forget. The beautiful and historic Synagogue provided an intimate and warm setting where the true meaning of a Bar Mitzvah was captured. Our guests described it as extremely special and touching. Rabbi Mike was wonderful with our son. He also provided a detailed overview of the history of the Synagogue.

    -Jessica Newmark
  • Our daughter's Bat Mitzvah experience was beyond anything we could have imagined. From the beauty of the Temple to the warmth of the Rabbi; we felt truly blessed to be able to have our mitzvah at the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas.

    -Beth and Elliot Sobol
  • It was an absolutely amazing, meaningful experience that was enjoyed by all! We loved the stories Rabbi Mike told about the synagogue and the special Torah from the Holocaust. Incredible! He led the service in such a comfortable and easy going way. The service was so very special and felt unique. It was emotional and will certainly be a lifelong memory for all of us who came from around the world to be there. Judy was also great in explaining to our guests all of the important aspects of the beautiful synagogue and the history. Stella was very organized and helpful from start to finish with all of the details. Thank you all so very much for making our son's Bar Mitzvah so memorable! It is much appreciated!
  • We had such a memorable experience having our son's Havdallah Bar Mitzvah at the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas. This was our second Bar Mitzvah in less than two years and both the staff and the rabbi were absolutely outstanding. Even if our family did not have a special connection to this synagogue - our boys' great grandfather and great great great grandfather provided 100+ years of rabbinical service - we would not want to do this anywhere else! While I realize that planning on off-site simcha is stressful, it's well worth the effort. Take it from someone who's done it twice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Dara Brenner

Please see the following forms and guides for more information about a destination B’nai Mitzvah or wedding in our synagogue or on St. Thomas.

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