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Membership Levels

Because of our unique situation on a small island in the Caribbean, we have many types of memberships, and all of our members are welcomed all of the time. All of our members receive our monthly Newsletter by email and our quarterly Bulletin by email or USPS. At each Friday Shabbat service, we read the Yahrzeits of those being remembered by all our members.

Resident Membership

Resident Membership is open to permanent or seasonal Jewish residents of St. Thomas, St. John or Water Island and their significant others of any religious background. Benefits to our resident members, without charges beyond membership dues, include Religious School, Lifelong Learning, all life-cycle events and the right to be buried in our cemetery, although there are fees to reserve a grave and for perpetual care of the gravesite. Resident members can also purchase plaques on our Memorial Board, at a cost of $500 per plaque.

Thanks to the generosity of “Friends of the Hebrew Congregation” — congregants and friends who voluntarily donate $500 to $10,000 extra each year — our dues have not been raised in well over a decade, and we are able to offer full membership to those in need of financial assistance. Annual dues are $900 for a family; $450 for singles; half price for people under 35. The Congregation will always reduce dues for those who have economic challenges. Such arrangements may be made with the Rabbi, President or Treasurer and will be kept confidential.

Sponsor Membership

Our sponsor-members are those who have strong ties to our community but no longer live here full time. We recognize their history with, and commitment to, our Congregation, and their Sponsor-level membership entitles them to all of the privileges of our resident members, although at additional costs. Annual dues for sponsor-members are $450.

Chai Membership

Over 1,900 people from all over the world maintain ties to this historic Caribbean outpost of Judaism by becoming Chai members of our Congregation. They are reminded in a timely manner of their Yahrzeits and their loved ones’ names are read during Erev Shabbat services. Those names are also included in our annual Book of Remembrance, published at Yom Kippur, for additional donations of any amount. Annual dues for Chai members are $36. A Lifetime Chai membership costs $360.00  Click here to become a Chai Member.