Shechunat Torah

The Study of Torah in your Neighborhood!

Shechunat Torah is a new and dynamic approach to Jewish learning.
It brings study and community right into your home!

How to Host Shechunat Torah:

  • Pick a topic from the list below offered by Rabbi Harvey
  • Contact Hebrew Congregation at to discuss scheduling or fill out an information form below.
  • Invite 10-12 guests (friends or acquaintances you’d like to get to know better). Don’t know that many people? We can help! We are happy to provide you with names of others interested in your topic, or others in your neighborhood!
  • Put out some nosh (snacks) and make sure there is ample seating for your guests
  • Enjoy an afternoon or evening of learning and community led by Rabbi Harvey in your home!


Topics for Shechunat Torah change every 6 months, so keep a look out for new choices!

Why Celebrate Shabbat:
A Textual Look at the Origins of our Sabbath
Why do we do what we do on Shabbat? Join us as we look at the multiple texts in our Torah that helped the Rabbis design and shape how we as Reform Jews now celebrate our Sabbath.

A Silence Too Loud:
The Invention of Sinai
Why Sinai?  Certain scholars believe that perhaps Sinai was not originally the central location of our people, but instead it was created to as a literary element in order to deal with historical events occurring at the time.  

Monolatry vs. Monotheism:
How our Religion evolved
Jews were not always monotheistic. Together we will examine the evolution our religion has gone through from the belief in multiple gods, to the belief in one God, through the lens of prophetic texts.